Bill T. Jones

Bill T. Jones is a tall, powerful dancer, and soloist who often mixes video, text and autobiographical material into his choreography. Jones met his long-time partner and companion, Arnie Zane, in 1971 and the two have choreographed hundreds of innovative solos and duos together. In 1982 they founded the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane and Company that provided a vehicle for the development of their choreography. Jones and Zane were considered to be two of the nation’s top choreographers in the 1980s. After Zane passed away in 1988 from AIDS, Jones expanded his choreography into the fields of opera and theatre.

Jones’ story is one of national acclaim and tragic loss. He set the industry standard for beautiful and powerful choreography in the 1980s and continues to a well-respected legend of the industry.