Nick Stein

Presents “Border Wars: From Mayhem to Mindfulness”

As every college student will tell you, it’s the teacher that makes all the difference. If the messenger is effective, the message comes through. On college campuses across the country, many have heard of the benefits of secular mindfulness and meditation but few have taken it up due to a lack of a good experience learning how – and why – to do it. Enter Nick Stein; he is not your average “yoga studio” mindfulness instructor.


As the Series Producer of National Geographic’s hit series Border Wars, Stein can attest to the impact of human misery. He and his crews chronicled the unspeakable suffering of illegal migrants, coerced drug smugglers, violent crime victims and burnt out federal law enforcement officers. Over time, the stress of making Border Wars began to take a psychological toll on Stein’s resiliency as he suffered from his own and secondary trauma. It was back in 2012 that he healed himself via meditation and now, as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, he is hired to bring this hard won knowledge to a stressed out population in dire need of help; cops. Specifically he works with veteran police detectives, patrol officers, US Border Patrol Agents and Customs Port Officers.


As the human guinea pigs in the 21st Century digital experiment, college students try to study and prepare for exams despite a world of distractions. From texting and Facebook to Instagram and tweets; all this high-tech noise is overlaid on their hired wired brains already predisposed to continually seek novel stimuli. They’re stowaways on their own runaway trains of thought.

Imagine if there was a proven way to restore more focus and steal back attention while increasing self-management and self-awareness? What if one could wake up from the digital trance sooner while learning to better avoid these rabbit holes going forward? This is the science-based promise of mindfulness via secular meditation, and while this practice has become increasingly popular, many college students, and faculty/staff, still don’t have a good idea as what it’s all about – or worse, they’ve never had a credible teacher make it make sense to them.

Stein’s no-nonsense approach, using images and footage from his series and beyond, he brings this subject alive for all audiences. Entertaining and engrossing, “Border Wars: From Mayhem to Mindfulness” will win over students and staff alike… and may even change some lives.

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