Malina Saval

Nerds, Druggies, Jocks. If television shows and movies are to be believed, teenage boys in America all fall into one of these three categories. But is this really all there is? Or are boys far more complex than we give them credit for? Rather than letting these stereotypes define American boys, journalist Malina Saval invites young men to explain how they define their lives in her book, “The Secret Life of Boys”. Crisscrossing the country, interviewing boys from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, Saval introduces us to the next generation of male teens. Speaking to boys not in a sterile clinical or research setting, but in “the field” in their actual neighborhoods, befriending as much as studying them, Saval has been able to get the real story in a way that the doctors and physiologists who have guided our discussion of boys in America simply cannot.

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