Jes Baker

Jes Baker, the veteran blogger known as The Militant Baker, is a positive, progressive, and magnificently irreverent force to be reckoned within the realm of self-love advocacy and mental health. With nearly a quarter of a million social media followers, she has amassed a devout following because of her her dedication to shifting social paradigms into a place where all people are offered the opportunity to love themselves just as they are.

Jes is best known for her visual campaigns, including: The “Attractive and Fat” Campaign to Mike Jeffries c/o Abercrombie & Fitch; The Smash the Scale Revolution; Body Love Spans Generations, #LoveTheMirror, and most recently her letter to Lane Bryant/#EmpowerALLBodies.

Jes is also the author of bestselling Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, a manifesto and call to arms for people of all sizes and ages, published in October 2015. Her second book Landwhale, will be released in May 2018. The memoir will be chronicling her journey as a body positive activist.

About The Program

Baker explores the historical evolution behind our current idyllic body type, the stigma surrounding mental illness, and what we can do individually to reframe the way we perceive ourselves and others. She encourages each person to explore the correlation between weight and health, and discusses the “Health At Every Size” movement. Come ready to challenge the notion that beauty is exclusive in this powerful, passionate and progressive presentation.”

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