Judy Wood

It’s impossible to ignore the cosmic shift American society is currently under going concerning women and their fighting back against sexual violence.

Attorney Judy Wood assisted in changing the law of asylum nationwide, allowing women to be designated a protected class – saving the lives of not only her clients, but thousands of other female refugees who would have been sent back to their home countries where they may have faced death.

Her clients have given her the name “SAINT JUDY”, because she values them over dollars, and has a compassionate nature as she tries to rescue the oppressed and stand up for justice.

Wood was in her 40’s, and a divorced trial lawyer when she moved from New Mexico to Los Angeles with her son. She began her new career as an immigration lawyer in a medium-sized law firm. An unstoppable driving force whose belief in justice is unshaken in the face of both her personal and professional obstacles, soon Wood would pull a file that would change history.

Her new client had been arrested by the Taliban in Afghanistan for starting a school for girls. She was thrown into jail, beaten and raped. Upon recovery, a friend smuggled her over the border to Pakistan so she could receive further treatment and escape to America. In the US, she is apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), placed in a federal detention center, and heavily medicated (drugged) for over a year.

Wood learns that persecution towards women is not protected under laws of asylum because women are not a minority. A women cannot seek refuge in America just because females are treated horribly in their countries of origin. There must be a political reason attached. Wood decides to embark on a mission of mercy and justice to have her client’s case heard.

Because of Wood’s tenacity, immigration authorities recommended the case go to trial, and she gets out on bail as a result. To be granted asylum in the United States, Wood has to prove her client is part of a protected group. The case culminated in arguing before the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit where Wood won the case for asylum.
SAINT JUDY is now a major motion picture starring Michelle Monaghan, Leem Lubany, Common, Alfred Molina, and Alfre Woodard.