Byron Hurt


Byron Hurt Byron Hurt is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, published writer, anti-sexist activist, and lecturer. He is also the former host of the Emmy-nominated television show, REEL WORKS with BYRON HURT. Since 1993, he has been using his craft, his voice, and his writings to broaden and deepen how people think about gender, race, sex, [...]

Bill T. Jones


Bill T. Jones Bill T. Jones is a tall, powerful dancer, and soloist who often mixes video, text and autobiographical material into his choreography. Jones met his long-time partner and companion, Arnie Zane, in 1971 and the two have choreographed hundreds of innovative solos and duos together. In 1982 they founded the Bill T. Jones/Arnie [...]

Harry Belafonte


Harry Belafonte Harry Belafonte spent much of his childhood life in Jamaica. It was not until he came back to America after World War II though that he would be find his true calling. Belafonte earned his first leading role in Juno and the Paycock by auditioning for the part in the American Negro Theatre (A.N.T.). From [...]

Deborah Roberts


Deborah Roberts Deborah Roberts has covered her fair share of news stories. She began her network news career in 1990 with NBC news. During her time with NBC, Roberts reported from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War and from the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. In 1995 she [...]

Rolonda Watts


Rolonda Watts In thought leadership, Rolonda Watts has the opportunity to reach millions globally. She wants to be known for inspiring and motivating people to live a life of passion, making positive change in their lives and in the lives of others. While Rolonda faced many adversities in her life, she was unstoppable because of [...]

Micky Ward


Micky Ward In an intimate interview format, conducted by author and screenwriter Richard Farrell, illustrated throughout with video clips, hear the entertaining stories and life lessons learned by Micky Ward. Movie critics worldwide have pronounced that the message in, The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg as Micky Ward and Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund, is so much [...]

Darryl Van Leer


Darryl Van Leer Award-winning actor Darryl Van Leer has been captivating audiences for nearly two decades with his one-man dramatizations that he writes, directs, and produces. Van Leer's signature, high-energy tour-de-force performance, Power On Earth dramatizes key moments and events in the lives of eight prominent African-Americans of the 19th and 20th centuries. Led by [...]

Henry Rollins


Henry Rollins Many consider him the spokesperson of their generation. Others mark him as a hypocrite. In whatever light you see Henry Rollins, he’s made an undeniable impact on popular culture throughout his career. The last singer for the pivotal hard core band Black Flag, Rollins catapulted himself into the steady regimen of making music [...]

Kate Price


Kate Price Kate Price is a child commercial sexual exploitation survivor. To support his drug addiction, Price’s father prostituted her from infancy to adolescence at backyard parties, child pornography ring events, and truck stops. Additionally, she survived sexual abuse by multiple members of her parents’ families. Bruises went unquestioned by neighbors, teachers, and coaches. Family [...]

Spike Lee


Spike Lee Throughout his career, Spike Lee has established himself as one of the country's most creative and talented producers, screenwriters, and directors. His forceful social vision, defined such films as Do the Right Thing, the epic Malcolm X, Miracle of St. Anna and the groundbreaking documentary film "When the Levees Broke", focusing on the [...]