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Ruth Wariner

Number thirty-nine of her father’s forty-two children, Ruth Wariner was born into a Mexico-based polygamist community. When Wariner was only three-months old, her father, the prophet of the sect, was assassinated by his brother, the notorious “Morman Manson” Ervil LeBaron, in a bid for church power. Wariner’s mother remarries, becoming the second wife of another man in the community,  and adds new siblings (and fresh difficulties in the form of physical and sexual abuse) to an already overstuffed family tree. But this is only part of her story. At times she’s a regular American girl, staying with her beloved grandparents across the border, attending school, eating Lucky Charms and watching cartoons, until her mother uproots the family and takes them back to the compound. It’s this bifurcated upbringing, one that alternates between the pleasures of childhood and the harrowing backdrop of a troubled community, that unfolds in the pages of Wariner’s captivating new memoir, The Sound Of Gravel. At turns both heartbreaking and affirming, Wariner’s strength, honesty, and enduring love for her family will move audiences of all ages and upbringings. Free of self-pity and with an excess of grit, her determination to make a better life for herself and her siblings will have you marveling at her courage and kindness, and cheering, often through tears, for her success as she overcomes tremendous odds.