Rolonda Watts

In thought leadership, Rolonda Watts has the opportunity to reach millions globally. She wants to be known for inspiring and motivating people to live a life of passion, making positive change in their lives and in the lives of others. While Rolonda faced many adversities in her life, she was unstoppable because of her vision, her positive attitude, and her will to win. Today she is known as an internationally syndicated talk show host in radio, Internet, and TV. She was told she was too nosey; today she is an award-winning journalist. Ro was told her voice was too deep and raspy; today Ro is tops in the Voiceover business. She was told she was too bossy; today she is the CEO and President of her own Watts Works Productions. Today she stars in a film that hits theaters next month. And when she was told she couldn’t write, she completed a novel. Rolonda also writes for four social media business publications. As contributing editor, Rolonda reaches 14.5 million readers worldwide and has landed the cover article for the January 2012 kick-off issue of FB & Business. Rolonda motivates teenagers, women, and business leaders by incorporating the principles of Genshai, an ancient Hindu word, meaning, “Never treat another person in a manner that would make them feel small — including yourself.”