Project Description

Dr. Tim Jay

Cursing in America, the provocative but honest truth underlying our most filthy language. A humorous, yet serious analysis of why we need our dirty words. Cursing in America covers obscene speech from cradle to grave, from New York to L.A., from the bedroom to the boardroom. Why do Americans curse? Why do kids call each other names? Why might you have to swear to play professional football? What’s the worst thing you can call a man? Why can’t you call a woman a @#$%”? Dr. Tim Jay explains how cursing is an essential aspect of human language and lends insight into issues regarding cursing and the media, censorship, sex education, deviance, aggression, comedy, linguistics, gender, law, human development, aging, education, and abnormal psychology. Dr. Jay is the preeminent scholar of the psychology of cursing, is an award-winning psychology professor, consultant, educator, and author of Cursing in America, What to do When Your Students Talk Dirty, and What to do When Your Kids Talk Dirty.

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